Individual Tournaments

Danish Junior Cup 2014 LI-NING International U13 Tournament

The Final Result is here. (PDF with Program and Scores).

Taastrup International Danish Junior Cup (U15 E int)

No official results has been reported to us. But BadmintonBladet has an article (in danish) and the final results as PDF.

The results of this event has also been stored on the official BadmintonDenmark website The site is only in danish and thus not easy to find. We hope that these direct links will help:

Some usefull translations: "Finaler" - Finals - "Semifinaler" - Semi Finals - "Kvarfinaler" - Quarter Finals.

Other hints: Danish players have their club affiliation - f.ex. "HĂžjbjerg" while foreign players have the nationality ("Sverige" is Sweden, "Tyskland" is Germany etc.)

Danish Junior Cup U17

The Reults of the tournament is available at the Club's Open Tournament page as a PDF-file (under heading "Resultat"). The Final Results from Sunday available at BadmintonBladet as PDF.

Danish Junior Cup 2014 International U19E Tournament.

The results are available at Tournament Software - Sunday matches are here.

Thanks to BadmintoBladet for cathing the Results and to for the U15 link to
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