The chairman of the Leisure and Cultural Department of the Municipality of Høje Taastrup, Merete E. Scheelsbeck, presented trophies for the winners, runner ups and 3. placed teams in each age group, thus marking the end of this years tournament.

The final ranking:

U15 U17 U19
1. Jutland 1. Jutland 1. Jutland
2. England 2. Netherlands 2. Zealand
3. Sweden 3. Zealand 3. Sweden
4. Copenhagen 4. Sweden 4. Finland
5. Zealand 5. Germany 5. France
6. Funen 6. Funen 6. Copenhagen
7. Germany 7. France 7. Austria
8. France 8. Copenhagen  
9. Belgium 9. Belgium  
10. Netherlands    

Detailed results are here for each age group:

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The winners of the individual turnaments, preceeding the team event kan be found under individual in the left menu.

Fighter Trophy

The following players where awarded the Fighter Trophy this year:

  • U15: Ward van Boven, Belgium.
  • U17: Marie Demy, Belgium.
  • U19: Vilson Vattennicappel, Austria.

The rules for awarding the Trophy can be seen here.