25 Year Anniversery

DJC-25yrs-logo-10-68x49The 2009 Event marked the 25th time, that the Danish Junior Cup has occurred. It was marked with a special reception Sunday - and the special 25 Anniversery logo created by Dille Andersen for the exclusive use for this event.



Matches and Results

After the last match Tuesday, badminton legend Jens Eriksen presentet awards to the 2009 winning teams in each draw

The final ranking:

U15 U17 U19
1. Jutland 1. Turkey 1. Jutland
2. Zealand 2. Zealand 2. Zealand
3. Copenhagen 3. Jutland 3. France
4. England 4. Copenhagen 4. Copenhagen
5. Germany 5. France 5. Sweden
6. Netherlands 6. Finland 6. Austria
7. Sweden 7. Funen 7. Funen
8. Belgium 8. Germany 8. Finland
9. Funen 9. Belgium  
10. France    

Match results are found at these pages:

Match details are available for all matches.

Results from the individual events are found on this page.

Fighter Trophy

The following players where awarded the Fighter Trophy this year:

  • U15: Victoria Willams, England
  • U17: Antoine Lodiot, France
  • U19: Ditte Strunge, Zealand

The rules for awarding the Trophy can be seen here.