Fighter Trophy

Until 1991 only one Fighter Trophy was awarded each Year.

In 1991 trophies where awarded in 3 age groups. The first trophy was donated by Kai Dige Bach, Copenhagen, for U18. The Copenhagen Badminton Association issued a trophy for U16 and Zealand Badminton Association one for U14, so each age group at the time each got a trophy.

From 1997 a trophy was awarded in each age group U15, U17 and U19 for keeping.

The trophy is awarded for good fighting spirit and good sportmanship.

The trophy is not intented just for the best players.

Referees in all age groups are requested to each nominate 2 players from different teams. Nominations are delivered to the Event Office at latest at 11 on the final day.

The Danish Junior Cup Management Team will then convene and make the final selection, taken into account as widest distribution of teams and sexes over the years as possible.

...From the Fighter Trophy Rule Sheet 1999.